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Mindfulness - A Practice that Can Help You Beat Binge Eating & Emotional Eating

I recently finished up a course on Mindful Eating through Mindfulness Based Eating Awareness Program (MB-EAT), which was developed by Dr. Jean Kristeller.  I decided to participate in order to deepen my own understanding and knowledge of mindfulness as a means to break free from the diet culture and have a  more peaceful relationship with food.

What is mindfulness, you ask?  Mindfulness is simply the act of being fully present.  Our minds are often thinking about the past or imagining the future rather than being FULLY in the present moment.  Mindfulness itself has its roots in Buddhist meditation (Vipassana) and is a key element in many spiritual practices & religions.  But whether you are spiritual or not, in a world full of distractions, 24/7 connectivity through our cell phones and the internet, mindfulness is definitely becoming more challenging and equally more more important.

The Real Cost of “Free Food”

There are many variations to this story – perhaps it’s free samples at the grocery store or an abundance of different food at a party.  In the case of “free food,” the mind often defaults to how great the opportunity is.  However, in choosing “free food,” you may find that in exchange you are giving up something- perhaps sabotaging your commitment to your health goals or just that feeling of vitality.  In my case, I found myself feeling sluggish after all my “free food fun” in Costa Rica.

So how can we make more conscious decisions that best serve us?  The first step is to bring awareness and learning to the situation.  

The Magic of Yes - Committing to your Best Health in 2017

I love the New Year!  It calls many of us to slow down to reflect on the past year’s challenges and triumphs and define what new changes and experiences we would like to have in 2017.

So first, my dear reader, let’s take some time for reflection and intention setting:

What is it that you have learned in the past year? How is it that you have grown?  What did you accomplish?  What are you most proud of?  What will you carry forward from this year into 2017?  What are your intentions for your health and other parts of your life in 2017?  What are you ready to change in 2017?

How ready are you to renew and/or dedicate your time and energy to your health this year? 

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