Life Coaching

  • Help,  I don't know what to do with my life!
  • Has everyone figured it out except for me?
  • Finances, dating, career, relationships - how do I manage it all?
  • I just feel unmotivated and overwhelmed!  My mind can't keep quiet!
  • I wish I had a better way of making these hard decisions...

If you're like me, moving into the adult life and managing everything new is quite a challenge!  Our 20s set us up for our 30s and beyond.  It's the time to figure out how to manage on our own, where we want to take our careers, how to handle finances, maintain/foster our relationships, and the list goes on.  With our 24/7 connectedness on Instagram/Facebook, we see what's out there and feel pressure to have it all figured out!

It's normal to feel the stress and pressure - it's something many 20 somethings are going through.

But what if there was a way to find the clarity and results you were looking for in less time, with less effort, and less stress and worry?  How interested would you be in something like that?

As a coach, I can help you get crystal clear in your goals, reasonable action plans to move you forward, provide the accountability to stick to them, and help you overcome any blocks (internal/external) that may hold you back.  For more information about the coaching process, please see About Coaching.

But don't just take my word for it.  Just check out reviews from my clients: Praise.

If you are at all interested, let's chat!  Please contact me now so for a Complimentary Discovery Session so we can figure out how best I can support you.

Some tools I offer in my coaching bag of tricks:

Values clarification

We'll get in touch with what is truly important to you.  You'll gain awareness of how these values play out in your life when things are going well and when things are not.  They are also helpful tools when it comes to making those tough decisions with clear right or wrong answers.

Energy Leadership Index Assessment

This assessment measures your energetic profile - how your beliefs & perceptions of the world affect how you respond in different situations.  The assessment indicates how engaged your are in life, your level of consciousness, and your potential for leadership.

and much more!