Today, I turn 24. Holy shit, I’m 24!!!   While some of you younger folk would laugh at my antiquity, those of you who are older would scoff, pat me on the back, and say, “AH, to be 24 again!”  Alright, I get it, I have only reached my “Quarter life,” a scary yet exciting time to figure it all out: career, dating, life plans… you know CASUAL decisions. So a few weeks ago, I was on the verge of yet another “Quarter life Crisis,” when I thought to myself that this time needs to be different.   (As a side note: those of you who know me well, know my career struggles of getting into this panic and wanting to do practically everything.  Of course, I realize now there is a common thread to all of those careers ;) ).  As a fruit of my “Quarter Life Reflection” (crisis is way to strong of a word), I have decided to start this blog both as a way to share my thoughts and experiences, to spark conversation, and to hopefully help other 20-somethings feel like they are not so alone in their struggles.  Feel free to comment, offer CONSTRUCTIVE feedback, and share your experiences in the comments below each post.

This year is the time to be intentional.  Your 20’s set you up for your 30’s and beyond.

Twenty-three has been a good year though, a very fun year indeed.  More on that in a later post.

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