Hello friends, family, and fellow heroes on the journey,

Today is quite a momentous day for a few reasons.  Today, I turn twenty-five – meaning I can rent a car and also officially have a Quarter-Life Crisis! Ha!  Today marks a year since I decided to start this blog determined to figure out my Quarter-Life crisis and share things I have learned along the way.  Last but not least, today, I am also proud to announce the launch of my new website and blog for my coaching business: Point Two Five Life!

I started the blog at 24 amidst yet another crisis.  However, I was determined to get out of the stuck, victim mentality I had about not knowing where I wanted to take my career and life.  For anyone I’ve coached through this, I call this the “exploration phase,” which is a very normal experience in any type of transition.  For some this phase is uncomfortable and scary especially after having structure of school.  For others, it can be exciting to try out new things.  At 25, I can honestly say I have found my new direction and mission in life – to empower people everywhere to live their best lives.  It’s quite an incredible feeling – coming from feeling lost to finding that clarity and passion.

As a coach and through my own experience, I honestly believe that

All answers lie within.  If you set the intention to find them, take action, and pay attention, you will see the clues on the journey to guide you to the answer.

Looking back, it’s almost kind of eerie how things unfolded.  I started off in the academic route – taking classes for user experience design when a career coach named Tracey Lovejoy mentioned that the way to find your career sweet spot is to:

 “Pay attention to the things that you’re good at that energize you vs. the things that you’re good at that drain you.”  

After all, in choosing what you're good at that energizes you, you'll have much more energy and focus for all other aspects of your life.  On the other hand, you can easily get stuck in what you're good at that drains you.  Often times, this happens when we let other people choose for us...

So I began doing just that - getting very quiet and introspective.  I noticed I loved one-on-one conversations and getting into peoples’ core desires and values.  Certain people would open up to me, and I really enjoyed being in that trusted role.  I was also naturally drawn to personal development.  I owned countless books relating to psychology and personal development and followed at least 10 coaches on YouTube – where I first heard about life coaching.  “Hmmm… coaching,” I remember thinking…  Now I realize my intuition was giving me some clues.

 In February, I decided to pursue coaching school and was extremely excited yet terrified at the same time.   What slowed me down through all of this was fear.  

Fear often shows up as that constant chatter that tells you some variation of “You’re not good enough.” 

For me the voice sounded like this: “Life coaching?  Seriously?  People will make fun of you for this woo woo stuff.”  “What makes you think you’d be good at that?,” “You are too young to be a life coach,” and my personal favorite Just become a doctor – it’s safe and secure and makes lots of money.”  In coaching, we help people face these internal blocks that slow them down from moving toward their goals.  Luckily, my sister supported me in my decision so taking a leap of faith, I signed up anyway.

I cannot even begin summarize the amount of learning and personal development I gained from coaching school – from listening more effectively to making better decisions.  At some point intuitively, I saw myself pursuing coaching but my same fears kept me down and small.  My coach at IPEC, Estela, helped me break through the internal blocks preventing me from choosing coaching as my path.  To be honest, I am not sure I would have ever gotten to that conclusion myself and definitely not nearly as quickly.  Since then I have had much more energy and focus to pour into growing the business.  

At 25, I feel a lot more purposeful and connected.  Was it meant to be that I met a coach in my graduate classes who would inspire me?  Was it meant to be that I was naturally born with certain affinities, strengths, and weaknesses?  Was it meant to be that my experiences so far would lead me to coaching school and to where I am today?  We could debate this, but I’d say yes.  Frankly, I believe there is some natural sense of order and purpose to anything and everything that we experience.  I also believe that everyone has a purpose and if we really pay attention and do the work we all can find it.  At 24, I wish I had seen that broader perspective, but I could not have at that time since I had to work through the fears and conditioning that had caused my stress and anxiety.  Now at 25, this new belief and trust is extremely exciting and calming.  I am looking forward to the experiences, opportunities, and all the new people I will meet in the upcoming year.

Of course when we reach one destination, we often then decide where we want to travel next.  My journey continues.  I am now fully dedicated to building my coaching business so that I can empower other Twenty-somethings to fully enjoy their journey and decipher their path  – whether that be in their careers, relationships, health, or any other aspects of life

Lastly, I would not be here today without the support of the following people:

  • My family - for raising me and supporting me throughout this process.  For being my guinea pigs for coaching!
  • My Ate - for listening to any career freak-outs and aha moments.  For being my #1 supporter in pursuing coaching and for attending the first module with me.
  • Mike and Temi – my Seattle family for making this city feel like home <3.
  • Jennifer P – for the lovely photos on my coaching site.
  • My peers, coaches, and teachers at IPEC - for sharing your life experiences and passions with me.
  • Anyone and everyone who I have met in this journey.  Trust me, I have learned from each and every one of you.
  • My higher power - for making me who I am and guiding me to be here right now.

Other random accomplishments/milestones: 

  • Finished the Human Centered Design and Engineering Certificate Progam at the University of Washington
  • Got into graduate school and made a conscious decision not to pursue it!
  • Started coaching school through IPEC and helped raised the consciousness of 6 clients so far! -  I have found my calling in terms of career and will work to grow it!
  • Travelled to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Virginia, Victoria BC, Vancouver
  • Started pole dancing and performed in 2 shows!  My body has never been so toned and strong
  • Moved an apartment for the first time (ugh!)
  • Greater self-awareness of my mission in life and how I show up – it’s a continual process :)

Thanks for reading on this momentous day!  I am looking forward to continuing this journey with you and will have more posts in store. 


Posted on November 13, 2015 and filed under Life purpose.