Trusting Your Body's Natural Wisdom - (You Already Know How)

I remember my dieting days.  I totally blew my eating plan on Thursday, so naturally, I had to wait till Monday to start again.  Or, I’d go on my own crash course plan living off of green vegetables to make up for the damage.  I got excited with each new diet or fad that promised me my bikini body by summer or that I would be beautiful and flawless like the models in the fitness magazines.  But then, school would get stressful or I would give into a sugar craving, and I found myself giving up, binging, and returning to that familiar dark place.

For me and for many of my clients, I find that saddest part of emotional eating cycle is not necessarily the weight or physical pain from overeating but that you lose trust in yourself.  After all, if you’ve broken promise after promise to yourself, what’s to say this time will be any different.  You get hopeless.  You stop trying.

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the same results." - Albert EinsteinAlbert Einst

I don’t believe that diets are necessarily bad – in fact the structure and guidance they provide can be quite helpful for many people.  However, having the plan is just one part of the puzzle.  Addressing the root causes of overeating and your motivations for change are key.

What I’ve seen is that the journey to rediscover a healthy relationship of food is about self-love and rebuilding your trust in self.  It’s about discovering what’s true for you and trusting your natural body’s intuition.

In today’s world, we are constantly bombarded with news of the latest scientific findings and diet fads.  First, fat was bad. Now it's good.  Then, carbs were bad.  Now we are on to sugar…  For some of us the new information is empowering, driving us to test out new findings for ourselves.  For others, especially dieters and emotional eaters, the amount of information can be overwhelming, especially if you are so used to outsourcing your eating decisions to the latest diet.  In fact, we have forgotten to how to decipher what’s useful and true for us…. and believe me, if you are externalizing your decisions solely to popular belief; i.e. “science” and “logic,” you are missing out on a valuable piece of information.  (This statement does not just apply to your eating decisions!)

Intuition is our inner knowing that guides us to our highest self and has the greatest perspective of what is happening in our life.  The truth is that you already know how to eat to best serve your body.  It was inherent in you from birth.  You just simply learned to stop trusting your body’s wisdom.

In order to hear your body's wisdom, it's best to become quiet and really pay attention.  I invite you to put away the Smartphone and turn off the TV, so you can be fully present with your food.  When we are distracted, it’s easy to miss our natural body signs completely.

So readers, I invite you to ponder a couple of questions to rebuild that inner trust in yourself and your body this week.

  • How do you experience hunger in your body? How do you know you’ve had enough vs. when do you decide you have had enough?

  • How do you distinguish physical hunger vs. a craving/desire to eat?

  • What effects do certain foods have on your body after consuming them?

May your body's natural wisdom guide to your highest health.  I wish you all the best and love on your journey.   Feel free to share your experiences below and let me know how I can support you!

Posted on January 20, 2017 and filed under Emotional Eating, Inspirational.