A Message from your Body - Why you Should Slow Down & Savor Your Meals

Hello reader,

This is your body.  We care about you and don’t think you’ve gotten our previous messages, so we thought we’d send you a note.  Here is our request: could you please start making more time to slow down, savor and chew your meals? You see, after that first step, there are a lot of processes and complex things we need to do in order to break down, digest, and absorb the food.  When you rush your meals, we have to rush our processes which explains some of the messages we’ve been sending you through bloating and gassiness!

So here’s what happens.  Digestion may first start with the brain.  The brain sends you signals that it’s time to eat.  Or perhaps you see or smell food and that then triggers the brain to prepare the body for a meal.  After all, have you ever salivated by just the sight or even thought of food? That’s us preparing for our jobs!

When you put food into your mouth.  Your mouth creates even more saliva to moisten the food and to start breaking it down.  Your saliva also includes some enzymes like amylase and lipase, which start to break down carbohydrates and fats in the food respectively.  The more time you spend with savoring your food, the more these enzymes can already begin to work on digesting the food!

Chewing also breaks down the food into smaller particles so that they are easier to swallow and further break down later in the system.  When you don’t take time to do savor and chew your food, it makes it harder on the rest of the system. You see, the food then travels through your esophagus to your stomach, which doesn’t have the teeth that the mouth does.  So larger particles make food harder to digest and what does undigested food mean? That’s right - bloating and slowing down the whole process!

Another thing is that when you eat quickly, the guys in your nervous system tend to think we’re dealing with a threat.  Then they come to the rest of us in your digestive system and say we’re on code red and tell us to shut down our processes for the time being.  Remember that stressful day last Friday at the office and the feeling of heaviness, that the food isn’t going anywhere in your system? Yep, that was us shutting down because the nervous system guys were telling us we should so you could focus on handling your deadline.  We care about you, so the more you can take some time to relax before your meals, the better. Perhaps take some deep breathes so the nervous system guys know they can relax.

Plus, it usually takes about 20 min for the stomach to tell your brain that it has had enough.  So I know you’ve been wanting an easy way to tone up - if you slow down and give us time to digest fully, it’ll help relieve the bloating and also be an easy to start losing those pesky pounds!

Anyways, whatever you decide, we support you.  We just know you’ve been thinking about prioritizing your health for a while so we’ve been sending you some bloating and gassiness messages.  Since those didn’t seem to make a point, we thought we’d be explicit this time and write a letter.

Yours truly,

Your Body

Posted on November 5, 2018 and filed under Mind-Body Connection, Slowing down.