7 Spiritual Lessons I Learned from Pole Dancing

Those who know me personally know that I am practically obsessed with pole dancing.  For me, pole dancing is the perfect blend of flexibility, strength, and grace.  When I dance, I am celebrating my body through movement.

Besides being a fantastic physical workout, I have learned many spiritual lessons from pole dancing that I have applied to other parts of my life.

Trusting Your Body's Natural Wisdom - (You Already Know How)

I remember my dieting days.  I totally blew my eating plan on Thursday, so naturally, I had to wait till Monday to start again.  Or, I’d go on my own crash course plan living off of green vegetables to make up for the damage.  I got excited with each new diet or fad that promised me my bikini body by summer or that I would be beautiful and flawless like the models in the fitness magazines.  But then, school would get stressful or I would give into a sugar craving, and I found myself giving up, binging, and returning to that familiar dark place.

For me and for many of my clients, I find that saddest part of emotional eating cycle is not necessarily the weight or physical pain from overeating but that you lose trust in yourself.  After all, if you’ve broken promise after promise to yourself, what’s to say this time will be any different.  You get hopeless.  You stop trying.

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the same results." - Albert EinsteinAlbert Einst

I don’t believe that diets are necessarily bad – in fact the structure and guidance they provide can be quite helpful for many people.  However, having the plan is just one part of the puzzle.  Addressing the root causes of overeating and your motivations for change are key.

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Setting the Minimum – When doing less makes you more successful

Hey there!  How are those resolutions going?  If you’re like me with my past resolutions - by week 2, I could feel myself slipping, and by the final week of January, I had already given up.

The truth is I myself find big goals sexy.  I can see myself now… in 6-months, I have rock hard abs and I’m sporting a white bikini on beach having flown to Costa Rica on my private jet where I live on an island surrounded by dolphins.  So naturally, my goals this week are to: cut out all sugar and processed foods, to exercise 4 hours a day– and oh yeah ,did I mention I’m going to land 10 new clients to start paying off the price of the vacation?

Okayyyy, that’s a grand exaggeration – but you get the point!

The Magic of Yes - Committing to your Best Health in 2017

I love the New Year!  It calls many of us to slow down to reflect on the past year’s challenges and triumphs and define what new changes and experiences we would like to have in 2017.

So first, my dear reader, let’s take some time for reflection and intention setting:

What is it that you have learned in the past year? How is it that you have grown?  What did you accomplish?  What are you most proud of?  What will you carry forward from this year into 2017?  What are your intentions for your health and other parts of your life in 2017?  What are you ready to change in 2017?

How ready are you to renew and/or dedicate your time and energy to your health this year? 

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