7 Steps to Bounce Back Quickly from a Binge (or When you've Overdone it with Food)

If you’re a human on planet Earth, you’ll encounter food.... and if you encounter food, chances are you’ll have instances where you overeat from time to time.  Even “normal” eaters who wouldn’t say they struggle with food have had instances of overdoing it, perhaps after Thanksgiving holiday or a vacation. However, for people who struggle with dieting and binge eating, a single instance of overeating can send us into a spiral of guilt and shame that leads us to to further binging.

If you’re a dieter (or someone following more rule-based eating), you know exactly what I’m talking about.  This happens when you break your rule and because you do that, you figure you might as well keep eating and wait until tomorrow (...or Monday) to start again.  This is a phenomenon that Josie Spinardi coined as “Eating ‘coz you ate.”

We have to start accepting our “humanity” and recognize that from time to time we’re going to make “mistakes.”  We won’t do things perfectly and instead of punishing ourselves, we can create a new habit that helps us turn binges/slip ups into opportunities.

So how can you being to do this?  Here are the 7 Essential steps to Bounce Back Quickly from a Binge (or When you Overdo it with Food)

Posted on February 20, 2019 .

3 Ways to Fall More in Love with Yourself on this Valentine's Day

So whatever your relationship status, I invite you to use this Valentine’s Day to prioritize the most important relationship of all, your relationship with yourself! After all, even if you are in a relationship or not yet in a relationship and looking for one, you will still always have your relationship to yourself that will serve the basis of how you connect to and relate with others. Make today a day to practice self-love.

So how do you do this? Here are 3 practical ideas on how you can show yourself love today: