The Hero’s Journey – What’s your story?

Hello Twenty-somethings and other peers on the journey, You are called to be hero and so am I.

This past weekend I had the honor and privilege of attending Oprah’s Live the Life You Want Tour, where Elizabeth Gilbert, author of the beloved book Eat, Pray, Love, was one of the speakers.  Elizabeth spoke of the “hero’s journey,” a classic, archetypal story that we all know too well, regardless of gender, race, or age.

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Today, I turn 24. Holy shit, I’m 24!!!   While some of you younger folk would laugh at my antiquity, those of you who are older would scoff, pat me on the back, and say, “AH, to be 24 again!”  Alright, I get it, I have only reached my “Quarter life,” a scary yet exciting time to figure it all out: career, dating, life plans… you know CASUAL decisions. So a few weeks ago, I was on the verge of yet another “Quarter life Crisis,” when I thought to myself that this time needs to be different.   

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