Food & Body-Love Group Coaching Program

10 Weeks to Sustainable & Lasting Change

***Enrollment now open for the May - July Group***

Hey you, yeah you! I see you - one hand on your mouse researching your next diet plan while the other hand is deep into a bowl of Cheetos... (No judgment by the way because I have been there myself!)

Since I have you on my page, let me ask you if any of the following describes you:

  • Are you someone who is highly self-motivated and successful in other areas of your life but for some reason weight/eating is just something you can't seem to figure out?

  • Would you like to be better with handling stress in your life?

  • Have you been on several diets and are you you FED UP with the overeating/binging cycle that follows? Are you ready for another way?

  • Do you want to improve your relationship with food and lose weight as a result — this time without the calorie counting or feelings of deprivation?

  • Are you willing to go deeper? (Hint: you know it’s NOT about the food…)

  • Are you willing to invest in yourself and are ready for change (both internal and external)?


If you answered "yes" to any of these statements, I want to speak with you further on how I can support you in your goals!  You are an ideal fit for the 10 Week - Food and Body-Love Group Coaching Program.

In committing to 10 weeks, you will discover:

  • The # 1 mistake women make that actually sets them up to overeat, binge eat, and gain weight rather than lose weight

  • 5 steps to restore food and eating satisfaction so you can reach your ideal body weight without having to give up chocolate

  • Why willpower doesn’t work to stop cravings and unwanted eating and what to do instead

  • The #1 secret to stop cravings and urges to binge eat in their tracks in less than 1 minute

  • What causes your non-hunger or emotional eating and how to end it once and for all

  • How to stay on track even when the unexpected happens (stressful days, vacations, parties, etc)…all of this - while minimizing the stress, restriction, or guilt that dieting or your previous methods have caused.  This time will be different.  This time we will work together for sustainable change.

But don't just take my word for it, my 1-1 clients have also gotten some great results.

 This is for you if:

  • You KNOW what a healthy relationship with food should look like for you but struggle due to emotional reasons (Hint: it’s not about the food)

  • You want to not only lose weight but really fall in love with your body and who  you are

  • You’ve tried other methods but had limited success because it didn’t address inner blocks

  • You’re not just looking for a quick-fix but long-term sustainable results

  • You thrive in a safe, supportive, group setting

This is for NOT for you if:

  • You’re looking for a quick fix and easy fix. (If you're looking for that, please look elsewhere. Hopefully, you'll see by now that those types of plans just don’t work in the long-term.)

  • You are seeking a program that is meant to diagnose or treat illness/disease – Please work with qualified medical practitioner (MD, RD, etc.) if you have any specific medical concerns or require special treatments. In this program, we will teach you the nutrition basics to optimize your energy and squash your cravings. We will help you stay accountable and have fun while doing it!

  • You’ve never struggled with your eating in the past nor have tried any other plan in the past to get your eating under control

  • You’re not ready or willing to commit to the process. (That’s alright if that’s the honest truth. Let us know when you’re ready)

What this program includes:

  • 10 Focused Group Class & Coaching calls (75-90 min each) – Each week we’ll delve into a common challenge faced by emotional eaters and chronic dieters (Sample syllabus is below).

  • Other Tools & Exercises to support your journey such as:

    • Discovery Questionnaire – This questionnaire will take a snapshot of your life currently and your visions for the future. You will gain deep awareness of how previous experiences have shaped you, what motivates you, and opportunities for growth.

    • Mindful Eating Exercises & Meditations

  • Support throughout the process - Let’s face it – it can be lonely sometimes when you are pursuing your goals. The support group becomes a great place for accountability and sharing!

    • Weekly Check ins on the Group Calls

    • Facebook Support Group

    • Unlimited email support

    • Accountability Group & 30 day Team Game 

 If in 10 weeks you could have your ideal relationship with your food, your body, and yourself, how would that feel?  Step into that feeling of inner peace, pride, and that oh-so good feeling of fitting your old clothes again.  If 10 weeks is all it takes to set you up for sustainable change, how much would that be worth to you? 

Ready to learn more?

We'll are 100% invested in your success so we will want to ensure the program is a good fit for you.  If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email us at or by filling out this contact form.


Upcoming Classes

Ready to make those resolutions stick in 2019?

  • 10 Mondays, May 6th from 5-6:30 pm PT

  • 10 Sundays, September 7th from 2 - 3:30 pm PT

10 Week Syllabus - Food & Body-Love Program

**Please note that this is subject to change based on the needs of the class participants**

Each week we'll also have several "experiments" and "homeplay" (not homework) to try out for ourselves.  After all, this process can be fun :).


  • Interest questionnaire

  • Discovery Questionnaire

Week 1 - Introduction, Visioning, Intentions Setting

Week 2 - Brain science in habit change; Introduction to the mindfulness practice

Week 3 - Mindful Eating

Week 4 - Nourishing the Physical Body

Week 5 - Feeding the Emotional Body

Week 6 - Dealing with Cravings

Week 7 – Dealing with Stress

Week 8 - Handling the Unexpected (Vacations, Social Eating, etc)

Week 9 - Open Coaching + Q&A

Week 10 - Putting it all Together - "Eating as a Daily Practice”