Praise for Keia


Praise for the Food & Body-Love Program

“I had my first binge free week!”

“Before starting the Food & Body-Love Program, I was binging every day or every other day, which made me feel extremely loss, out of control, and disappointed in myself. My mindset was extremely critical and negative, and though at the time I thought I was already generous with myself, I didn’t realize that these self-destructive thoughts led to a lot of self-destructive actions.

After the program, I’ve had my first binge free week. I’ve had junk food, ate out with my friends and family with not so healthy foods, but it wasn’t a binge.  I think I have a better time appreciating myself for the smaller goals and following through. I now am aware that I have the capacity to make choices and that I can change.

I’ve also gathered a lot of insight to my current life and my personal thoughts, and realized that sometimes by neglecting and suppressing parts of myself could manifest itself into other behaviors. By treating myself with a little respect, I’ve already seen much more improvements to my overall life both in respects to my eating habits and my personal life. 

I would recommend the Food & Body-Love Program because even though I had a general idea of what I would do in this program, I think what I got from it was a lot more than what I would have imagined. It was not just about setting a proper relationship about food, but also setting up a proper relationship with myself and trying to shift my energy towards other things besides food and negative thoughts. The program really encouraged me and gave me a lot of exercises to train those muscles and inspire me.”

-Helen T, 21, College Student

“The top challenges I faced dealt with emotional eating (not understanding when and why it was happening) and crystallizing my plans for a healthier version of myself. I had trouble taking concrete steps to be healthier and also acknowledging that it was okay (more than okay) to take time for myself.  In committing to coaching with Keia, my first big breakthrough was realizing that I could and should take time for myself. This included learning how to delegate effectively and learning to say no to other people. Creating time for myself has allowed me the ability to plan my meals and plan exercising.  I have learned how to pause before acting in most instances and to think about the choices I am making. I have also learned to forgive myself, a skill that I was lacking. I have learned to listen to myself and that I make the best decisions for myself.

I am most proud of my commitments to healthy eating and creating a schedule for myself! I am proud of understanding myself better as a person and learning to find new roles for the gremlin (internal voice that sabotages your weightloss efforts :) ).

If someone was on the fence about coaching, I would say that this experience is what each individual makes of it and Keia as the coach brings out the best in people. If that person has some belief that they could become a mentally and physically healthier person, coaching with Keia could help them to that path, no matter what 'baggage' and previous experiences they have had”

-Deeva S, 26, Law Student

"Keia is amazing!  She helped me to identify my true health goals, beyond just losing weight.  She used several exercises that allowed me to explore not only my personal values, but also the limiting beliefs and gremlins that have been holding me back from leading the life I desire.  She helped me to understand how to use my value of freedom to see how getting healthy will actually give me more of it in my life, rather than seeing dieting as a lack of freedom.  Though this seems simple, it was actually a reframing that I had never found in previous wellness programs and I believe it’s a life changer!

Like many of you, I knew how to lose weight, I had lost plenty of weight in the past.  I didn’t need someone to tell me what to eat and when to eat it, I didn’t need someone who just helped me set goals. I needed someone who would help me identify the real reasons I was holding myself back and to develop practices I can use for the rest of my life to make better decisions and healthy changes.  If this is what you are looking for as well, Keia is your gal!"

-Candi B, Coach, 49

[In 4 months] I’ve come a really long way just going from overeating until I was physically uncomfortable 7 nights out of 7 in a week. I don’t overeat at all anymore!

I no longer guilt trip myself …[if I overeat]. I’m able to accept that it’s okay, I can forgive myself and get back on track.

-Gina K, Medical Student

Life & Energy-Leadership Coaching

"I went into my first coaching session with Keia blind, not knowing what coaching was or its benefits and potential. 

Over the four weeks of working together, my thought process and awareness evolved for the better. Through coaching sessions, I gained self-awareness of my thoughts and emotions, realized the pros and cons of my tendency to overthink, and worked on developing my past into experience for the present and future. By becoming more aware of my tendencies and processes, I can now catch myself in moments of overthinking and instead of "thought-paralysis", I can set a deadline for a decision and proceed. I found coaching sessions with Keia highly productive in reaching solutions for personal motivation and growth. 

I definitely recommend Keia as a coach for anyone seeking to develop a greater understanding of emotional and thought awareness."

-Vincent H., 25, Business Analyst



“When I first started working with Keia, I was feeling really discouraged and depressed with how my nonprofit is going, as well, as having a hard time keeping my promises to myself in terms of sleeping early, finishing tasks, and avoiding distractions at night. In working together, I regained my sense of accomplishment, from acknowledging that despite, all my faults, I am someone who sets goals for himself and makes positive progress towards it. I also learned the different ways that I can approach a problem, or a challenge, and the different ways that I don't have to approach the problem. Most importantly, I feel a sense of peace at being myself, and believing that things will work out as long as I use anabolic energy to solve it.

Keia is a coach and a mentor who helps enlighten people on realizing the promise and potential that they always held within them.”
-Eric C, 32, Software Engineer

"Keia is genuine and caring.  Talking to her feels like talking to a good friend but as my coach she challenged me and kept me accountable to my goals each week. 

In one conversation, Keia was able to help me overcome the fear holding me back from switching fields.  As a developer, I find it easy to break down and compartmentalize problems at work.  However, for decisions like career changes it is not so easy.  Keia helped me isolate what exactly was holding me back and address each practically.  She helped me connect my logic to my emotional responses so that I could paint a clearer, more comprehensive picture of my goals.  I don't think I would have gotten there nearly as fast without her coaching.

After working together, I have gained a new way of approaching and thinking through problems.  I highly recommend Keia as a coach to anyone."

-Jeff C., 24, Software Developer

"This was my first time working with a life coach.  After working with Keia, I wish I would have found her sooner! . Keia always made me feel comfortable and provided a non-judgmental environment when I discussed the challenges I personally faced in reaching personal and professional goals. Through our sessions, Keia was able to help me find  a better understanding of myself and efficiently set up strategies that worked best for me to accomplish my goals. We assessed different factions of my life that I had never considered in such a way and was able to see what I clearly wanted and most importantly, HOW to do so. Keia worked with me weekly to refine the accomplish-able  goals that helped build my confidence and motivation to keep accomplishing more. It is clear that Keia has the heart and compassion to help others and can provide helpful tools to shift your perspective.  She helped turn my "I wish I did..." mindset to "I did and still do!"  I highly recommend Keia as your future life-coach, I am thankful for her genuine care for me as my coach and the skills I've learned and can use forever!"

-Heidi J., 24, Special Events Planner

"Keia helped coach me on some of my most important relationships - both with myself and my son.  She helped me identify that it was fear motivating "my acts of love," which in turn would push him and others away.  She helped me identify what I truly desired in my relationships and in life and the negative beliefs and thoughts that were holding me back.  Instead of coming from a place of my own fears, interpretations, and assumptions, I now approach my relationships in a curious way, wanting to know what is truly motivating the other person.  As a result, my less than optimal relationship with my 22-year-old-son transformed into a beautiful, loving relationship where are now fully aware of our energies and are in full appreciation of each other."

-Melissa B, Small Business Owner